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In order to increase production efficiency and provide high-quality saw blades for customers, we carefully select the alloys and base plates from the very start. All our raw materials are sourced from the world-renowned companies like HXF, CB-CERATIZIT and KERSCHINER, to name a few. This will also ensure our saw blades are of superior quality.

In order to produce a full strength welding, we use a fully-automatic teeth making machine coupled with advanced Japanese technology to remove the metallic oxide layer from the base plate of the carbide saw. Once the teeth are produced, an automatic welding machine imported from the German company KERSCHINER is used to weld the alloy tips onto the body for maximum strength. This will also help to prevent the phenomenon of broken and missing teeth. We combine technologies from all over the world to provide you with the best possible product.

Our automatic teeth grinding machine is imported from the Germany company VOLLMER. It is used for the sharpening of tooth tops, tooth faces and double-sided flank. Not only that, it allows for saw blades with different shaped teeth for diversified applications.

Then, the circular saw blade is sent into a South Korean DIEX tensioning machine to ensure our products are tensioned properly and provide optimum performance.

The final step of the production process is to perform a complete range of tests on finished products for quality control. Our test facilities include the advanced optical profile projector, as well as the run-out testing machine for the teeth tops and sides, among others. Prior to delivery, our products must be inspected and then undergo cutting tests under strict supervision of quality control professionals. We have run these products through various machines, work environments and materials, thus assuring our customers of the best cutting results. In addition, we have extensive experience and knowledge in the products we offer as well as the expertise on how to use these products. If you have any technical issues that need urgent support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t just supply you with products we supply you with expert advice as well! We can offer innovative and timely solutions to your most difficult applications.

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