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    We introduce a wide spread of automated machines of high accuracy and high efficiency. It is also economic with low labor cost.

    Blade teeth of proper size can be processed on the grinding machine. The blade made of 75Cr1 or 65Mn material is very hard and it is precise with laser cutting.

    The tool bits are welded to the blade gear with silver strip. The silver strip with high silver contents ensures fastening welding. The carbide cutting bits are with hardness above HRC 94%.

    Remove the impurities on the surface left over by welding

  • Grinding
    Make the blade smooth and good-looking

  • Levelling
    It is critical to the quality of the saw blade. Then the vertical and horizontal vibration of the blade should be kept within 0.03mm. The saw blade can work longer with less vibration during operation and cut smoothly.

    Sharpening downward of tooth.

    Sharpening of tooth faces

    Sharpening of tooth tops

    We also check on inclining angle of tool bits and make sure all the tool bits are inclined in correct angle.

    Test the diameter of the saw blades to make sure it is as required by our clients. Make sure the saw blade is absolutely round.

    Our various saw blades can be protected well with different packing solutions to meet different demands of clients.

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