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The accumulation of experience over 10 years of production has enabled us to manufacture more than 50 types of tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blades for various applications. Presently, our product catalogue features 3 major types of products.

The TCT saw blade, also called tungsten carbide tipped saw blade, is specifically used for cutting wood. We have invested in a number of fully-automatic welding and grinding machines that our highly-experienced operators can use to process the teeth of the blades precisely.

The TCT saw blade is designed with trapezoidal flat teeth for cutting aluminum doors, aluminum windows, aluminum rods and aluminum ingots etc. Blades that have more teeth are suitable for cutting aluminum profiles.

VYBA tools has been producing, high-performance, efficient and durable saw blades for almost 13 years. We possess all the departments required for top quality products, production, research and development, quality control, management and so forth.

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